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Excellent AOB performance in the Government Equality Report

December 2, 2010

The Austrian Ombudsman Board achieved excellent results in the Government's 8th Equality Report. 65 percent of the overall 63 staff members are female with an equally high percentage of women throughout the structure.

52 percent of staff members with an academic degree, 78 percent of staff members with higher education and 77 percent of staff members in the so-called secialised services are female. "For Gertrude Brinek, Terezija Stoisits and me, these are very positive numbers that reflect the efforts within the Austrian Ombudsman Board in recent years," said AOB Chairman Peter Kostelka. "The Ombudsman Board will continue to support female staff members in their careers, "said Kostelka.

Since 1996, the Federal Government presents every two years a progress report to the National Council which provides information on the progress of achieving gender equality and equal treatment of women in the Austrian federal public service. Apart from proposals to reduce discrimination against women, the report contains a summary of the activities of the Federal Equal Treatment Commission.