Ombudsman Kräuter receives the Azerbaijani Human Rights Organisation AIDHR

17. April 2015

The Human Rights Organisation wished to learn more about the structures and the functioning of the AOB as independent institution, and furthermore, was particularly interested in how the collaboration between the AOB and the Austrian civil society works.

After an initial presentation of the structures and the duties of the AOB and the International Ombudsman Institute (IOI) by Ombudsman Dr. Kräuter, Dr. Shahidov gave account of the current human rights situation in Azerbaijan which is very alarming. In particular, he reported on problems in the area of the freedom of speech and of press, and on the difficult circumstances under which NGOs work in Azerbaijan.

Dr. Shahidov and two members of his staff were in Vienna for the Supplementary Human Dimension Meeting of the OSCE, which was also attended by an expert of the AOB. On the occasion of this visit to Vienna Dr. Shahidov had requested a meeting with ombudsman Dr. Günther Kräuter.