IOI President and Secretary General welcome delegation of the Control Yuan

June 26, 2018

On 25 June 2018 IOI President Peter Tyndall and IOI Secretary General Günther Kräuter welcomed a delegation of the Control Yuan of Taiwan headed by President Chang Po-ya for a knowledge exchange in Vienna.

President Tyndall and Secretary General Kräuter presented the different ways the IOI is supporting its member institutions, including subsidies for regional conferences and events, publishing best practice papers and studies, as well as supporting Ombuds institutions under threat. They particularly stressed the importance of international cooperation with the United Nations that the IOI hopes to continue to intensify in the coming years.

President Chang Po-ya and Mr. Bau Tzong-ho from the Control Yuan then presented the plans of the Taiwanese government to establish a human rights commission, most likely as part of the Control Yuan. They are therefore interested in using the IOI network and workshops to introduce their members to the work of human rights institutions before their work begins. President Tyndall and Secretary General Kräuter welcomed this development and are looking forward to future cooperation in that regard.