• Service

    The AOB is an open house and welcomes all interested parties to come and visit its VA.TRIUM visitor centre. Furthermore the AOB releases specialist publication and information.

  • Publications

    Whether it be human rights, child rights or building regulation issues - the Ombudsman Board attempts to raise socio-political awareness. To this end, the board releases specialist publications.

  • Visits to the Austrian Ombudsman Board

    The AOB is an open house and welcomes all interested parties to come and visit our institution - whether it be pupils, students, teachers or members of pensioners’ clubs.

    Human rights education: Welcome to school classes!

    Pupils throughout Austria are cordially invited to visit the AOB as the "human rights house of the Republic of Austria" with their teachers as part of their education. The AOB shares first-hand practical knowledge on citizen, human and child rights as part of political education, law subjects or history lessons.

    We also offer a tour of the AOB premises at Palais Rottal as part of the visit. Following the tour, ombudsmen and subject specialists will make themselves available to answer questions on the legal practice and on the work performed by the Ombudsman board.

    We look forward to your visit!

    For further information, please contact: besucherzentrum@volksanwaltschaft.gv.at or 01/515 05-101.

    We offer guided tours from Tuesday to Thursday between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm.

  • Links

    Are you searching for the contact data of the Patient Ombudsman in your province, and would you like to call the nearest Judiciary Ombudsman’s office or contact the European Ombudsman? All of the information can be found here.


  • Official signature

    Publication of the figurative mark in accordance with Section 19 para. 3 of the E-Government Act
    The Austrian Ombudsman Board (AOB) uses the following figurative mark for officially signed electronic documents:

    Bildmarke Volksanwaltschaft

    Figurative mark (secured)


    The AOB offers the recipient of officially signed document print-outs the following options for submitting an authenticity verification:

    • Postal delivery to the AOB or delivery of the letter by hand to the information service of the AOB.

    The address of the AOB is:

    Austrian Ombudsman Board
    Singerstraße 17
    1015 Vienna

    • Delivery by fax to the AOB, telephone number +43 1 51505 190.
    • Delivery of the scanned document as an e-mail to the e-mail address post@volksanw.gv.at.

    The AOB will assess whether the document is a settlement and will respond to the request with the following if the examination has a positive outcome: “The document you have submitted comes from the Austrian Ombudsman Board and the content thereof remains unchanged.” along with a written settlement. If the examination has a negative outcome, the following answer is provided: “It was not possible for the Austrian Ombudsman Board to verify the document you have submitted.”