Ombudsman Amon welcomes South Korean delegation

September 5, 2019

A delegation from South Korea, consisting of 19 representatives of the “Ministry of SMEs and Start-ups” of the “Ombudsman Support Department” and the regional branches with a focus on SME Regulatory Policy, visited the Austrian Ombudsman Board (AOB) on 29 August 2019. Ombudsman Werner Amon welcomed the delegation chaired by Choi Yong-Jun. The visit should serve as a fruitful exchange of experience and knowledge regarding the reduction of bureaucracy, the 5G-strategy and the regulatory policy in Austria. Along with the visit at the Austrian Ombudsman Board, the delegation also met with representatives of the Austrian Ministry of Digital and Economic Affairs.

After a presentation of the history, structure and competences of the Austrian Ombudsman Board, Ombudsman Amon and Ulrike Grieshofer, Head of the International Unit of the Austrian Ombudsman Board, addressed individual questions of the delegation. The members of the delegation showed a particular interest in the main successes of the Austrian Ombudsman Board, the legal foundations, the complaint handling system and the activities regarding small and medium-sized companies. In turn, the delegation gave an insight into the structure and competences of the “Small and Medium Business Ombudsman” in Korea and other mechanisms to support small and medium-sized companies.

Finally, the members of the delegation expressed their gratitude for the exchange visit and the valuable incitements.