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Report on control of the state and local government in Styria

December 8, 2010

In Styria, one of Austria's nine states, the Austrian Ombudsman Board does not only control the enforcement of federal laws, but also the entire state and local government. Every two years it presents to the Styrian parliament an activity report. The members of the Ombudsman Board Dr. Peter Kostelka, Dr. Gertrude Brinek and Mag.a Terezija Stoisits presented that report for the years 2008 and 2009 on 7 December in Graz.

Most complaints concerned state planning and building regulations and were handled by Ombudswoman Gertrude Brinek. These nearly 200 cases concerned possible errors in the zoning or complaints about long building permit procedures. The social sector ranks second with nearly 150 cases. The competent Ombudsman Dr. Peter Kostelka criticized in his report especially the control of nursing homes and nursing places in Styria in the years 2008 and 2009. But problems in the field of nature conservation and environmental protection often also result in complaints with the Austrian Ombudsman Board and are handled by Ombudsperson Mag Terezija Stoisits.

Overall, the Ombudsman Board concluded 562 cases in the state and local government that were brought to its attention between 1 January 2008 and 31 December 2009. In 14.1 percent of all investigation procedures a case of maladministration was found. In 329 cases, the action of the authorities was correct.